Monday, 10 October 2016

I am.........

what to do now?

 So we are here........
It seems I have come a long way, but it also feels that I am lost also, it is sometimes a great joy that fills me, but more over than not it is the sense of frustration. I want to do so much more but I am held back, not by imagination, but the sheer lack of money to fund the dreams i want to capture, I have been so very quiet for so many years, there is a decade of work that I want to do now, I am impatient.
It is something that I find extremely difficult to deal with.
I understand that, life is not about what we want.
We are working on getting support and funding from benefactors and believe we have something that we positively be mind blowing.
I am a businessman first and there lies another Frustration 
To be bound to something that you know you can do, or to just take that massive risk and jump into the unknown 
To once again prove to yourself that you can do it! Questions like am I too old? The list is long.
There is one thing I can do though..........

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