Sunday, 9 October 2016

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I am a Photographer with a passion for travel and life. I try to capture moments that will make the viewer feel as if they are there. I want people to have a glimpse into worlds they may not see everyday. This doesn’t just mean travelling by plane or going long distances, it's everywhere around us. Since I started photography I seem to look at things in a very different perspective. I see so many everyday activities differently. Every Journey starts with the “First Step” - my journey is evolving and I'm not sure how or when I will be satisfied with the “last” body of work. I constantly revisit my work and think “If I had done this” or “If I had done that” - I think every photographer will look at his work and never be completely in a position to say – "Yes that is the best I can do" – it is simply not true, or it is not my case.
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